WembleyWonderful #145 - Reading in Lockdown

Welcome to the 145th edition of WembleyWonderful ! After what was definitely a VERY LONG week (I never thought that the US election were such a slow-burning torture), we can now fully enjoy the pleasure of lockdown 2.0! It is not all bad though, as not been able to meet anyone means more time to get ready for the craziness of Christmas and the looming non-deal Brexit. How more enjoyable can life become? ENJOY AND KEEP POSTING YOUR ADDS ON www.wembleywonderful.com! AND PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO NEW LIL PARENTS! [email protected]


Could lockdown 2.0 be the perfect opportunity to declutter your home? Isabelle is a professional organiser (on top of being a LIL mum and a regular WW contributor) and can help you beat the mess-induced stress! She can come to your house but also organises fully online decluttering plans – all details here.

Have you started your Christmas presents yet? If you are in the not so organised camp (mine, welcome!), you will remember lovely Anais from school. She is now making very pretty and affordable jewellery. Delivery is free until 1st December, so another reason to support her small business. See all details here.

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Lockdown 1.0 was for me a great opportunity to read, as I really struggled sleeping full nights. Since then I have ordered a big supply of Euphytose Nuit from France so my reading/ sleeping balance is more even! But while you’re waiting for your delivery, here are a few book recommendations to face lockdown 2.0 – by order of preference:

Enjoy the reading and please do share your current favourite books on www.wembleywonderful.com, both in French and in English, for when my sleeping pills run out!