WembleyWonderful #144 - Yin Yoga Revelation

Welcome to the 144th edition of WembleyWonderful ! After a long break and much personal introspection about its usefulness, WembleyWonderful is back. I have been running the website and sending weekly newsletters for 5 years now and the engagement of the LIL community is so low it is depressing, bouhouhou… Anyway, giving it another try! ENJOY AND KEEP POSTING YOUR ADDS ON www.wembleywonderful.com! AND PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO NEW LIL PARENTS!- I really need your engagement for WembleyWonderful to keep going!!! [email protected]


How to post on WembleyWonderful? After so many months of absence, there are quite a few new registered users on www.wembleywonderful.com so a big welcome to them. And here I have posted a quick reminder on how you can post you adds on the website and see them published in this weekly newsletter . And remember, WembleyWonderful is not only for adds, it is also to share your tips, ask for help and advice – basically make the best of our LIL community.

So many adds published since the summer , here they are:

  • Sandrine is offering Zoom yoga classes, which I more than highly recommend (more on this later), here are all the details (types of yoga practises offered, weekly planning and cost).
  • Sophie is organising sophrology sessions specifically designed for (our lovely) teenagers , details here.
  • Julien is offering self-defence (krav manga) lessons for teenagers and adults , very close to LIL, details here.
  • Cathy lives in South Kenton and is looking for other local families so that her daughter can take the bus with other children, here contact details are here.
  • Anne is offering mat Pilates classes on Zoom , details here.
  • Nicole is looking for families living in the Stanmore/ Edgware/ Bushey/ Watford area to organise a carpool, here contact details are here.
  • Catherine is offering Maths support to your children , details here.
  • Morgane is an EFT practitioner and is happy to share here tips (for free), you just need to contact here and ask – details here.


You will have guessed from my introduction that lockdown has given me rather negative thoughts – with a second round coming I am not sure how gloomier I can become! But now I know how to fight the gloom and mood swings that the current combination of “Covid/ US election/ Brexit / it’s winter and it’s dark and raining all the time” can entail! Do you want to know how?

The best thing that came out of the first lockdown for me was, by far, my discovery of Yin Yoga . I am in no way typical yoga material – I hate wearing leotards or anything classifying as comfortable clothing; I never sit down to watch a movie because I feel I am wasting so much time; massages are for me an annoyance rather than a relaxation, and the list goes on. But for an obscure reason, Yin Yoga is really my thing and I will never thank Sandrine enough for making me discover this wonderful practice!

Sandrine is an ex LIL mum and used to offer Vinyasa yoga classes at school, as a fundraiser for the parent association. I really enjoyed these and I was desperate when she moved back to France in September last year. But then Covid and lockdown happened, and Sandrine accepted to offer Zoom lessons to her ex-students desperate for a way to relax. The range of classes has expanded since the early days and you can now choose between Vinyasa, Yin and end-of-Sunday Zen – I asked Sandrine to put all details of her classes on WW.

As Sandrine explains much better than me, Yin Yoga is a very slow, passive practise of yoga, which targets deep muscles and tissues. By keeping pauses for a long time (up to 10mn, can you believe I can stand still for so long!!!), you progressively gain more and more flexibility. And it is so utterly relaxing! For me, Yin has become a huge mood regulator – when I miss a class my children immediately notice (that’s how bad a mum I am).

If you’re doubtful about yoga in general and yin in particular (like I was), but your are struggling to keep the stress at bay, I would strongly recommend you try a session – trial is free and will give you a very good idea of whether you like it or not.

And you, what is your mood regulator?