WembleyWonderful #138 - Hygiene Tips?

It’s really though for me to talk about the Corona virus situation, as I struggle to find a balance between not over-panicking about it but taking it seriously enough.

That said, I though it would be useful if everybody shared their tips about family hygiene to avoid virus propagation – not only the Corona virus (nothing to do with the beer, although many people wonder!!!???), but also the basic cold and the not so nice gastro-enteritis winter joys. So I’m going to share mine and you are very welcome to share yours, either on the WembleyWonderful website or by e-mailing me directly.

My tips are few and dead-simple, you will probably be disappointed, sorry… After two year of being constantly sick with the arrival of baby WembleyWonderful Number One, Mr WembleyWonderful and myself adopted three key rule that massively reduced germ propagation in the family:

  • We colour coded our bath towels : each member of the family has a different colour, this way there is no sharing mistake possible.
  • We asked Father Christmas to give each of us a different napkin ring – no sharing possible here either.
  • We also ask Father Christmas to give us jam spoons – this way no one puts there pre-leaked breakfast spoon into the jam jar, bliss!!!

And that’s… well… basically it! Although I till catch the odd cold, stomach virus haven’t been in the family for quite some time, thank God!

So tell me, what are your own tips?