WembleyWonderful #137 - The Descaling Mission Continues

I’ve had quite a few answers to last week’s e-mail from people kindly giving their own descaling tips – apparently, I’m not the only one with a bit of a cleaning obsession, pfffffiou… So I thought it would be of interest to share these (and I promise, I am definitely done with descaling tips for a while after that!!!):

  • Instead of the weird-shape device I highlighted to help descale taps (which seems to have made many of you laugh, so it is not just me!!), Isabelle simply uses a plastic bag filled with vinegar – you just attach it to the tap with an elastic, and you can reuse it for all the taps of the house. Super economical.
  • Bija dislikes the smell of vinegar and instead uses citric acid for kettles, taps, washing machines etc. It is readily available from shops such as Ocado with all instructions included – just beware that the water dilution ratio is much higher for citric acid than for vinegar (1/20 versus 1/2). And it is completely natural – you can actually use it for cooking!!!
  • And Cecile recommended this vinegar-based descaling gel , which will efficiently stick to all surfaces due to its gel texture.

And that’s it – I promise – about descaling! I shall come back from holiday relaxed, tanned, and full of glamourous inspiration for my WW tips! (or so I hope…)