WembleyWonderful #100 - What We've Talked About Over 100 Newsletters

WembleyWonderful started three years ago , initially as a weekly newsletter with adds from LIL parents, then with an associated conversation forum, www.wembleywonderful.com – and today I’m sending the 100th newsletter, hurrah! Over time the website has changed (to a more user-friendly version I hope), the registered users have increased, but the key idea remains: helping create a community around our school, on a fully non-profit basis. I do not advertise, the school does not mention WembleyWonderful to new parents or staff, so I fully rely on you my readers to let the world know we exist . This is to our benefit, as the bigger our community the better. And of course do not hesitate to give suggestions on what you’d like to read , after 100 newsletters you can guess my imagination is getting stretched!

So what have we been talking about over 100 newsletters?

Obviously, this is only a short summary of all the stuff published over 100 newsletters – they are all on the website, under “WW Tips”, so very easy to search if you have a specific query. And you are always very welcome to ask me.