Tips needed: should we move to Wembley?

Hello everyone,
We are moving to London this summer and have applied for our two kids (ages 8 and 10) to join LIL. We are very excited about the school and its wonderful campus, but not so sure where to live for the family’s commute to be acceptable. We would like to avoid using a car, rely on public transport instead. Mother will work in Fitzrovia, father in Harrow. Thanks in advance for the tips!

Hi. We live in Kings Drive, the street of the LIL. Our 3 kids go to the LIL and love their school.
It is true that Wembley is not the best neighborhood if you are looking for pubs, shops and restaurants.
But there are plenty of benefits and I would never live elsewhere! Very convenient underground transportation, amazing Asda supermarket to find all you need (really, much better than in city center), big houses with gardens for attractive prices. And the best: kids want to go to school on their own and feel indépendant and in trust.
The area is improving a lot. I sometimes come home late and never felt insecure.
In brief: I warmly recommend!

Thanks Lisa! I did a bit of research since my post, and indeed there seems to be some nice residential areas around the Lycee. I didn’t see a lot of openings, so I hope there will be more next month when we are there and doing visits…

Hi Olivier, in the early days of WembleyWonderful I posted a number of « where to live » articles, featuring areas with easy access to LIL and where actually quite a few LIL family live now - do have a look! After 20 years and 7 different homes in London, my best advice would be never to live more than 10-minute walk from a tube station (and by tube I mean tube, not overground or train) - given yours jobs’ locations, the Metropolitan and the Jubilee line seem to be your two options. Good luck! Elisenne