The Melting Pot Brunch, Sunday 11th December

Each of us can make a difference in the world we live in. So we, a group of inspired people, created the “Sunday Melting Pot Brunch”.

Come to celebrate its cultural diversity. Start great conversations about traditions and customs. Be adventurous and try new foods, discover new tastes and ingredients through a healthy meal prepared by talented and ethnically diverse local women. All food will be hand made from starters to desserts and fresh ingredients will be UK sourced as much as possible.

Our first event will be on [size=150]Sunday 11th December 2016 from 12am to 3.30pm[/size],
at The Lounge Café, Chalkhill Community Centre.

Our Ladies Chefs will compose a special meal inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian traditions. Desserts will be French.
We will feature also the Brent-based charity organization called SUFRA NW LONDON. To see what they do to help local families, log on to: During that day, you will be able to support their local projects through our Cake Sale and donations.

The Lounge Café, Chalkhill Community Centre, 113 Chalkhill Rd, Wembley Park HA9 9FX

Adult/Child from 10 years old: GBP13
Child from 5 to 9 years old: GBP7
Child below 5 years old: FOC

Register through the following web link

See you soon

Sandra, Kieumy and Cendrine.