Sugary treats recipes - POST YOUR FAVOURITE!

I LOVE sugar so I’d love to exchange recipes of sugary treats - I’ll start with my two favourite ones for the moment, but I’m definitely expecting yours!

Having somewhat developed an intolerance to my favourite highly-processed food (come on, all this hydrogenated fat cannot be so bad!), I had to find a substitute. Thankfully Thermomix UK has created this amazing Chocolate-Hazelnut spread - if you don’t have a Thermomix a blender and a saucepan will do
To make about 500mn (I usually double the recipe as it keeps in the fridge)
100g granulated sugar
100g blanched hazelnuts
100g plain chocolate
100g milk
70g butter
1/ Grind the granulated sugar (10s/ speed 10) or use icing sugar
2/ Grate the chocolate and hazelnuts into a fine powder (20s/ speed 10)
3/ Add the milk and butter and mix yet again (10s/ speed 7)
4/ Heat for 3mn / 50C/ speed 2 - for non-Thermomix users cook in saucepan at medium heat while constantly stirring.

This is my other Nutella substitute - so so yummy, I could spoon-eat it all, naughty me! Here as well this makes about 500ml and I slightly more than double the recipe, which also keeps in the fridge.
75g salted butter
100g brown sugar
250mn double cream
For Thermomix users: Put the whip in place, cook butter +sugar for 4mn / 100C/ speed 1 (lid off). Add the cream and cook for 40mn, 100C, speed 1 (lid off).
For non-Thermomix users: mix buter and sugar for 4mn at medium heat, constantly stirring; add the cream and cook at high heat for another while, until the texture thickens, still stirring all the time - this will take some time sorry…

No answers to this post last year, let’s try again!

Here is a third recipe I love and which is pretty easy - especially if you have a bread machine - it smells like a brioche, it tastes like a brioche, but it is way lighter!

Mix in the machine (or by hand, if you are more gifted than me a bread kneading):

  • 315ml water
  • 6 table spoons of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 60g of butter
  • 1/2 tea spoon of salt
  • 600g of normal flour (not bread flour)
  • 7g of dried bread yeast (or 15g of fresh)
    Knead and leave to rise until it doubles
    Separate the dough in three, make three long sausages, then make make a braid (=une tresse)
    Pait on some milk or egg yolk so that it goldens in the over.
    Bake for 25mn, 180C (th.6)