Shopping addresses wanted for the wedding season

As the wedding period is approaching, where would you recommend me to go for the perfect outfit and hat, without spending too much? Thanks in advance for your good addresses!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Asos has lots of prom-style dresses very appropriate for wedding guests (sadly not so much for everyday wear) and the Asos brand is very reasonably priced and reasonably good quality - see here for example, they make me wish I had a wedding to attend to justify purchasing one… Anyway! If you don’t like the Asos brand they also stock an immensely wide range of other brands. The Asos website will also have many party shoes, cheap and matching, although I am not sure of the quality here. In any case returns are free so you can order loads to try on and return as much as you want.
  • Outnet is the sister website of net-a-porter, with designer clothes from previous seasons at discounted price. The finish will be better than Asos but the price higher; and finding a party dress does require a bit of patience, as the site works on the basis of arrivals twice a week, and you pretty much need to look as soon as the new clothes get in. Within the various brands, Marchesa Notte specialises in beautiful party/ cocktail dresses with plenty of embroidery.
  • Monsoon does some colourful dresses in silk, embroidery or tulle so you may try your luck there, although I’ve never been lucky myself. The sister accessory brand Accessorize will have all the hats you may need though, and very reasonably priced.

I may think of more and come back, but this should give a good start to your search. Keep in mind that the Summer sale start mid June so if you prefer waiting until then this is a possibility. Enjoy the shopping!