New after school class at LIL : DIY and upclycle

Hi, there is a new after school class at LIL, called DIY and upcycle.
On Mondays at 3.30 for CE2, CM1 and CM2
On Tuesdays at 4 pm for the secondary

DIY and Upclycle workshops
Learn how to upclycle, don’t throw away anymore !
Give a new life to materials ans old objects, by deveopping as well your
creative and decorative skills.
You will learn paint makeover, stencils, and how to drill, fix, glue, etc,
by caring our planet in the meantime.

Atelier Brico déco
Ne jetez plus, apprenez à recycler!
Vous donnerez une seconde vie à des matériaux et objets récupérés, tout en
développant vos compétences créatives et décoratives.
Vous apprendrez la peinture, la patine, les pochoirs, mais aussi à fixer,
percer, coller…Tout en participant à la protection de la planète.