My suggestions to fight the 5am daylight - what are yours?

As the days are getting longer, you slowly realise that they are no shutters (=volets) in this country!!! AAARRRRGGGHH!!! Even after sixteen years of living in the UK, this is the one thing I hate with a passion, as daylight instantly wakes me up and summer days start very early here: today, the day started at 5.16am; and by 21st June it will start at 4.33am.
So here are the solutions we’ve explored over the past few years to block the light out of ours and the children’s bedrooms.

  • Sleep with a black tee-shirt on your eyes (I am not joking) – but is has to be soft, thin and natural fibre (like cotton) … Both me and my daughter have our favourite, what will be yours?..
  • Temporary black-out blinds, which work well in rented accommodation, where you are not allowed to make any holes in the walls. I have both used these, which work by sticking through the window thanks to static cling - they are reusable quite a number of times and do the job reasonably well; and these, which stick to the window via suckers – they let in more light but stick better than the other ones.
  • Built-in blinds, which you will have to fix to the walls. The roller blinds are easy to install by yourself and reasonably prices, but they let on quite a bit of light on the sides, so I would tend to use them along with blackout-lined curtains. We’ve recently had these installed in all bedrooms (well done Mr WembleyWonderful for ordering them before the summer) and they are incredible, I am absolutely over the moon and would strongly recommend them to anyone as light sensitive as me.

What are your solutions?? I would love to know!