Looking for a Feb Half Term KIDS CAMP for 7-10 yrs: join the Zesty Carnaval Mouvement from Monday the 15th

> All we need it is a beat! Join SPECIAL ZESTY Feb Half Term KIDS CAMP - during the second week

from Monday the 15th of Feb

During THREE days, I will bring CARNIVAL THEME to your little ones! Every morning from 10-12am, I will awake them with Latin fun, rhythmic beats and vibrant colors into their body and mind. We will explore the magic carnival world through Zumba dances, fitness games, Yoga kids poses and Art & Crafts.

I have decided to offer a new format to reduce screen time as unfortunately it is a VIRTUAL LIVE camp: pin your agenda:

Starting on MONDAY 15/2, TUESDAY 16/2, then break from me - Wednesday off. We will re-meet for our LAST DAY on Thursday 18/2! For 2 hours every morning from 10-12am.
It is also very flexible: you can participate for the whole 3-days, or only two or one day. Whatever suits you.

Early Bird offer up to Wednesday the 10th:
Three-day camp: £45. Two-day camp: £35 and 1-day camp £20.

To book your place, simply email me at [email protected] with the subject Zesty Feb Half Term Kids Camp.

Feel free to spread the word to your kids friend to create lovely friendships memories

Zesty Kids Camp is the perfect recipe for fitness fun, easy step routine, games; giving your little ones the love of dancing, shaking and developing creativity and imagination.

It is a well known fact that fitness is an essential part of children’s health. Zumba, which means “moving quickly and having fun” helps incorporate exercise into kids’ lives in a fun and easy way, with a multiple personal and social benefits :

Improve coordination and boost self-esteem.
Increase memory and creativity.
Facilitate team work and leadership.
Increase overall cardio and fitness level.
Improve sleep and concentration.
and increase the so important “feel good hormones” thanks to lots of laugh and fun!