Light Up 2021 and this third lockdown with Zesty Fitness and its amazing Zesty Girl community

More than ever, START YOUR NEW YEAR with a fitness and mental boost goal!

I am Marion, and over the last four years, I have been passionate to help LIL mums and community to awake their zest and potential, feel vibrant, alive and lighter in their body and mind. I created my own Zesty Fitness program, boutique studio and since March ‘Zest Up to Light Up’ Online Lockdown Weeks to come together to feel stronger, to take a moment for yourself in this choas, to switch off and go further together.

Zesty Fitness is a place to help you to focus on your happiness, health and fitness and simply workout to embrace yourself: join zesty classes for the happy endorphins, the lightness feeling at the end, the feel good value, being together and knowing you will have a much better sleep.

During this pandemic, all these months of 2020, we all learnt and experimented that exercising means so much more than weight loss, physical appearance… These difficult period made us understood the full spectrum of benefits of taking care of our wellness and fitness: we are building our mental, spirit and body health and strength. Embrace the home you are in… make your skin/ home body the best, happier place ever… your best friend.

YES It is Zesty Online O’clock for the third time
but let’s make it unique, special and beat the darkness, create, boost our internal light

You may feel uncertain, frustrated, lost, angry right now. However, we have 4 SOLID WEEKS before Feb breaks to achieve a GOAL, to set us a rewarding, energising target so** **…

Get your ’ Zest For Life ’ UP
and join me for ‘Zest Up to Light Up’ Weeks.

Discover the world of Online Zesty Fitness

  • A morning and afternoon Live Zoom Zesty Fitness class waiting for you EVERYDAY.

  • FREE TASTER ZESTY CLASS or SPECIAL WELCOME PACKAGE of 3 classes for £10 available to help you start this zesty journey. Simply write me on [email protected] for more details.

  • A variety of classes to choose from: Hitt/ Strong, Power Pilate, Zest of Stretch/ Yoga Inspired, Mobility, Zumba, Toning Barre, Family class.

  • Special Unlimited Lockdown Solution Packages to get the most of zesty fitness. Less than 5£ the class.

  • Zesty Nest Solutions: Teens/ Kids Zumba, Fitness and Yoga Kids Online live class to bring movement and fun to your children. Teens (11+) on Tuesdays at 5.15 and Kids (&-10 yo) on Thursdays at 4.30pm. £5 only per household. 45 min.

  • New Family Friday Zumba Fever to end the week together, share memories and ease tension. 5.30Pm. 30 min

I can not wait to start this zesty journey with you and live at our best, ZEST!

visit or write to me on or message me on my instagram account MarionZesty.