Left-hand drive Peugeot 308SW Family for sale

I am selling my left-hand drive Peugeot that I imported from France in August 2015. It is registered and MOT’d in the UK but can also be easily converted back to European standards (the speedometer is in miles and km but we still have the original one only in km; the headlights have been adapted to the UK but the stickers can easily be removed). I am the only owner of the car, it has never been involved in an accident, and is in good condition overall. It has all options: cruise control, start and stop, automatic windscreen wipers, bluetooth, SatNav, electric wing-mirrors (one has been replaced by a non-automatic one), bi-zone AC, automatic lights, panoramic sunroof that can be revealed or covered, parking sensors. Reason for selling: move abroad. Available end of June.