Kids’ holidays in confinement - what activities?


In less than a week , the (wonderful, amazing, life-saving, I don’t have enough words to qualify them) LIL online classes will be over and the Easter holiday will start…. With kids and parents locked together in the house 24/7 … Help!!!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about a ctivities that could keep the kids entertained without excessive screen time involved so here are my suggestions:

1/ Painting and drawing.

I am in no way artistic so teaching my kids to paint and draw is definitely something I need to outsource.

Artésane offers a large selection of online classes and within their selection I think these ones could be appropriate for children and teenagers: “Je dessine des personnages de contes et légendes”; “Je dessine les animaux”; “20 techniques pour débuter l’aquarelle”, “Initiation au lettrage au feutre” , “Découvrir la peinture à la gouache”.

I had also bought previously bought this great book, which explains how to draw Manga characters, and which my daughter adores.

As for supplies, I’ve ordered: drawing paper, paintbrushes, acrylic paint set, aquarelle paint set - we’ll see when these arrive…

2/ Making jewellery and various objects with Miyuki beads

I introduced the children the bead looming two years ago and to peyote last year, both with Miyuki beads, which are so much nicer than the old rocaille I had as a kid. I am absolutely rubbish at it but two out of four of them are very good, in particular my 9 y-o son – so do not be prejudiced it is an activity which should only be offered to girls!

The Perles&Co website offers a very wide range of tutorials – in particular this one for bead looming; and this one for peyote.

As for equipment, the website also tells you everything you need for each tutorial, but for generic bracelet making I would recommend you order needles, thread, a few bead looms, a set of closures, a set of pliers, and off course loads of Miyuki beads of various colours.

3/ Origami

I’ve never tried but why not… I’ve ordered this set, which apparently has instructions as well. If you are more knowledgeable than me on this suggestions are highly welcome…

4/ Pâte à sel

I used to and loads when I was a kids and absolutely loved it – obviously what you do with the hideous objects resulting from the process is another issue… In any case, here is a recipe, which seems pretty reasonable.