INVITATION: Get SET, ZESTY & GO for an Ultimate Way Out of Lockdown FREE Awaken your Zest Online Chat Workshop next Thursday - 25 Mar at 11am

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“Awaken your ZEST” FREE LIVE Chat next Thursday 25 March at 11am on zoom** (UK time)<
Exclusive Live Chat for anyone who feels* sluggish, heavy and want to start drawing their post covid life in full Zest and momentum before the end of the lockdown.*

Zesty Easter Holiday 4-day Kids Camp - 7-11 yo - Tues 6 to Fri 9 Apr 21<
First outdoor camp in a year. Offering the best of the two offline and online world for your little ones: discover Zesty Combo Kids Camp during the first week of Easter Holiday. Simply email me for more info and registration at [email protected]

Who would have ever imagined a YEAR of Covid and the feeling of a way of life of Before & After Lockdown. So in this new world of way of life, it is easier than ever to fall behind, uncertainty dragging us lower and making feel heavier in our body and mind.

But it is time to write a more positive Covid story that you will tell later to your family, friends, future grand-sons, daughters and peers.

That’s why I am excited to invite you to join my first ZESTY LIFE WORKSHOP to use my gift of natural joy, energy and enthusiasm to INSPIRE YOU TO POSITIVE ACTIONS.

Imagine finally find the missing zest which can give the focus, momentum what is worth pursuing in your life right now .

To give you a Zest of Focus and Momentum for the next three months
Progress = (little) Successes = (true) Happiness

There is THREE MONTHS to GO before complete release of Covid rules and the summer holiday so this workshop is all about helping you further to

Break free of the blues, from feeling sluggish and heavy
to regain a healthy zest in your body, mind, and
wake up your joy for life!

During this first Zesty Workshop, you’ll be learning my top 3 Zesty Life tips to

  1. Feel Capable AGAIN, Connected
  2. and start creating drive and momentum for positive, vibrant actions** inside your body and mind

SO THAT you can fully celebrate the end of this lockdown in peak zesty state and enjoy more magical moments ahead.

–>To REGISTER and RESERVE your spot<– CLICK [[HERE]

This lockdown gave me the opportunity to be reflective and truthful to myself and start listening to a growing little ambitious flame and butterfly that was tickling inside me for few years. So I started to start silencing my saboteurs, find tools, coaches, and building confidence that I can help my zesty girls and guests further, to get them to reach THEIR NEXT LEVEL faster and with more fun, excitement.


I am building you my personal step by step online SIGNATURE system and journey to give you all the exciting insights tools, coaching, mentor-ship and accountability to live your life in full zest, feel capable again and that you are making consistent progress towards your best you and home…

No matter where you are starting from.

SPREAD THE ZEST to your community and have the chance to BE ONE of the FOUR WINNERSto choose among these unique prizes:

  1. A 5-day Free Food Picture Dairy Nutrition Coaching**
    ith instant feedback and tips how to adjust your current diet with a more balanced, nourished twists. You will instantly gain knowledge and personalised adaptation on your breakfast, lunch and dinner. *Worth of £100 -

  2. A 40-min Personalised Live Fitness Coaching* on either*
    1- How to have a flatter stomach with A.B.S techniques or
    2- How to make your hormones the accelerator and sync your diet and fitness for ultimate results.Worth of £55

  3. A 7-day Zesty Reset Detox Boost Program*
    worth of £55 -


  1. Join my new FB private group "[The Pursuit of Zesty Life] and

  2. Invite 2 people to my workshop and my FB group next Wed the 25 March by sending them the following link and cc me with [email protected]

If your friends do join the workshop, I’ll put your name in my zesty giveaway cap. I’ll then reveal the 4 lucky winners live during the workshop.

See you next Thursday at 11am. Register here.