1/ To start posting or replying to ads from other users, you need to be a registered user – just click on the “register” field in the forum; and remember that your user name will be what identifies you when you chat, so better choose something nice.

2/ Once you are registered and you want to chat, this is slightly counter-intuitive but you need to go on the “CHAT HERE” page of the website (not on the home page) , and click on “post new topic”, which is a tiny mini little section just below “Chat Here” and just above the forum box. And that’s it!

3/ To search for subjects which have been discussed on the forum (“babysitter”, “fish”, “doctors”), here as well slightly counter-intuitive, you need to use the “search field on the “CHAT HERE” page, not on the main page – the search field from the main page will give you search results from the blog only.

4/ If you are stuck just e-mail me!