How to organise a work space at home?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated space at home to set up their office. In this troubled period, the office may then settle in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom … It then becomes essential that this space becomes modular to go from an office space to a living space in no time.


1/ Make sure that the place you choose is clear of all clutter (stack of papers, ironing pile…). An ordered space facilitates reflection and reduces stress.

2/ Create a portable workspace: a small vase, an empty tin (be careful with sharp edges) can be used as a pencil holder. If you use other accessories (post-it notes, clips…), corral everything on a small tray, in a lid, in a box…

3/ Gather your notes, notebooks, documents in magazine holders, boxes, a basket, a large tote bag…

4/ Once your work day is over, it’s easy to gather all your equipment (when everything is in containers), you can use a small trolley or a large basket or a box which will contain all your office and to carry everything elsewhere in the house so you can retrieve your usual living space.
It is essential to “shut your office” and make it disappear so you can reclaim your living space which will help you to relax and unwind after a long day at work (…at home).

I still offer my decluttering and organising sessions, but virtually. I also do online coaching sessions for all those who would like to embark on a decluttering journey of their living / working space but would need some professional advice, tips, inspirational storage solution ideas to get started.

If you would like to use this confinement time to declutter and organise your home (an activity that most of us have never the time to do), don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.
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