How do you take care of yourself in confinement?

Here are my do’s and don’ts of how to take care of myself while on confinement – PLEASE DO SHARE YOURS!!!

My don’ts are in progress… starting next week I promise! I shall not drink a G&T every evening, gorge myself on Lindt milk chocolate “with a hint of salted caramel”, finish the packet of pain d’epice all by myself, and hide from the family to steal cheese in the fridge. Working on these…

Are for the DO’s, I’m definitely committed to:

  • Exercising every day. There are millions of online resources to choose from, but for the past ten years I’ve been faithful to my Davina McCall’s DVDs (I am forever grateful to my friend Helen for recommending them). My favourite are Body Buff, Ultimate Target and Fit. Each DVD usually offered two 30-minute aerobics sessions, one or two 30m-minute strength sessions focused on a specific area (legs and arms), and shorter abs and stretching session. I just adore them! Davina recently launched a subscription-based website, but with no WIFI where I exercise I’ll stick with my DVDs and portable TV bought 10 years ago…
  • Becoming even curlier . If you’re been inspired by my article to try curls for yourself, confinement is definitely a fantastic time to do it , as the first weeks of the process are… well, not very flattering to be honest! But having followed the Curly Girl Method for seven months now, I can definitely tell you it is so much worth it! And Miss WembleyWonderful is also in the process of discovering her curly hair, which is so nice!
  • Having a good try at face gym. I’ve been bugged by my dropping jawline and my puffy eyes for years but have struggled to do anything about them. After trying (and failing) to book an appointment with the Eva Fraser specialists, I decided to just start following basic face exercises from YouTube, 5 minutes a day. Obviously completely random but I’ll keep you posted!

I have just started with the Nike Training Club app which is free. After having answered a few questions about your current level and what you would like to do (how many sessions per week…) the app suggests you a training plan easy to follow… at least at my “beginner” level! The exercises are clearly shown and the full session is rather short (until now). I usually do a short jog outside before and I’m done with my gym training! We all have the app now on our phones in my household so we can each follow the best suitable plan according our level and goals.

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