Heirloom Tomato plants for sale

29 Helena Road, London NW10 1HY

As every year, we have planted many tomato seeds, too many for our garden and allotment, and our greenhouse is full of nice plants, ready to go.

Big tomatoes: Rose de Berne, Black Krim, White Princess, Calabash, Lilac Giant, Dark Purple Beefsteak, Red or Orange Beefsteak, Ananas (limited), Yellow Stuffer (limited)

Small tomatoes: Orange Banana, Black Cherry, Indigo Rose (purple blue), Yellow Submarine, Principe Borghese, Plum Red, Green Zebra £3 per plant £10 four plants £20 + £5 delivery

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Hello Florian

I missed your post, which is a shame really as I am definitelly interested !

Do you have any plants left by any chance? You are not far for me so I could drop by at your convenience if you are happy to sell me a few ?

If anyone else in the Wembley park area reads tihs post and is interested, I am also happy to do a few deliveries!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Morgane,

Yes I still have most varieties. Let me now which plants and how many you would want and I’ll check and put them aside.

Best regards


87 plants remain and as of the 20th of May the following number of varieties remain:

11 Rose de Berne

1 Lilac Giant

1 Calabash

1 Costoluto

3 Ananas

3 Yellow Stuffer

6 Black Krim/Paul Robeson = Beefsteak

6 Indigo Rose

10 Black Cherry

3 Green Zebra

10 Orange Banana

9 Yellow Submarine

3 Golden Queen

3 Small Yellow (Wild)

2 Plum striped

2 Principe Borghese (Plum Red)

2 Texas Wild (Red Small)

2 Riesentraube (Plum Red)

1 Maskotka (Red Cherry)

9 White Princess

£10 four plants £20 + £5 delivery

[email protected]