From Jelly to Happy Belly: Special 5-week Sculpt Spring/ Summer Program

Newest Zesty Program ADDITION from May the 1st. 5 weeks to help you feel more connected and toned with your second brain. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when your stomach is flatter!

  1. Have you ever done a fitness challenge before? Zesty HAPPY Belly 5-week Challenge is about giving you this little motivation to mark this DAY 1 in your diary. You can do it as a gently comeback to moving after months with little to no movement or in parallel to your current workouts you are currently doing to level up your results or

  2. Did you know that our stomach is our body second brain? In fact, the nerve cells in our gut act as a brain, control our digestion all by itself. Your stomach plays a key role in how we manage our decision, mood, feelings… the gut instinct.

But unfortunately this is where too often you feel disconnected, heavy, where our body loads all our body and mental weight.
SO I wanted to help you to improve and start sculpting and further flatten your tummy over the next months.

DO IT! Join my New Zesty Happy Belly Challenge. It is seriously one of the best thing you can do to JUMP-START your fitness and work towards your goal of moving again and feeling lighter. No more one day, delaying. Sabotage. This is IT. Day 1 is 1st of May.

We will kicking off THIS SATURDAY, the 1st day of my birthday MONTH. To also celebrate the new month of summer accordingly to the Celts. From the darkness to the lightening.

Here are the deeds:

*** WHAT**: enjoy a complement 5-week, A.B.S-Core, 30-min workout program + exciting insight tutorials videos to refine technics, grow knowledge and power your results. 10-20 min long no more that you can listen during any travel.

> Special Birthday Price until Saturday 8th May midnight!
> For only £25.
instead of £45.

Then once completed I will be there for you to embrace.

Join me,live, either onsite or online every Saturday at 9.30am uk time. But you can do the session whenever you want: all classes will be recorded.

*WHY to enroll with me: challenges remain the best way to start and reach a goal that we have wanted for long. Because no matter ho much we know, no matter how much we even are motivated on our own, being accountable helps us to,stick, focus, prioritise and shift back quickly when we drift. It is also fun to have that extra energy to make you do it and get results faster.

*** HOW:** email me at [email protected], or join my facebook group Pursuit of Zesty Life or DM me on my Instagram MarionZesty

I will send you the link to buy the package and all the details - login details, intro video …

ARE YOU IN? I,will be here to Spread my Zest; Awake you to the possible. Increase your energy. Make you Earn your body, mind well-being balance.

Zesty Happy Belly BEGINS THIS Saturday. I can not wait to have you

Marion Zesty