February Zesty HOLIDAY Camp from Friday the 8th of Feb

February Half Term is around the corner… from Friday the 8th of Feb. Plus, to remind you, the Friday before the holiday, [the 8th of Feb] is an in-set day so your children are breaking on a Thursday. Few mums approached me to ask me if I could organise a Zesty Camp at my studio (5 min behind the LIL - Ha9 9hh) and also during the first week of holiday - [from Tuesday 12 to Thursday the 14th), I will be more than happy if I can gather a minimum of 5 children.

So below what i am offering you…

From 10 am to 4 pm (early or late drop can be asked)** , your kids and I will enjoy a variety of fun filled fitness and dance activities in a very unique, supportive and intimate environment - Only 5-8 kids par day. My goals are to develop fitness and dance skills, nurture fun and creativity and flexibility and stretching.

Zesty Little Star Day PROGRAMME: a zesty cocktail for happy, skilled and fit girls.

Part 1: Develop Fitness & Dance moves with

1.1 Fitness Parkour - (60 min)
We will have different stations where your kid will practice different fitness exercises. We will use fun equipment: swiss ball, bean, half ball…
Objectives: increase strength, coordination, balance and build strong core.

1.2 Zumba kids routines & dance games (60 min):
we will combine Latin steps such as Cumbia, Meringue, Salsa, dynamic dance warm-up and learn one urban pop choreographed routine.

Then lunch (please bring a lunch box) and free time (30/40 min)

Part 2: Introduction to yoga kids (60 min)
Objectives: resting mind and increase flexibility and stretching.
Yoga story telling, duo poses and relaxation.

Part 3: Art&Craft (120min)
We’re adding two extra hours with art&craft class from 2pm. Your kids will have two hours to enjoy a unique crafting moment and come back home with a memory of the day.

Additional practical info:
Price: 1-day camp is £45*. 2-day pass is £80.
3-day pass for only £105 (Only £35 a day)*** . 4-day pass for £110 ( Less than £30 a day!)
Age: 6 to 11. Limited spaces. 8 kids per day only.

**read the words. RSVP BEFORE Friday the 1st of February

Become a Zesty Little Star this Half Term and let’s shine together!

To join in or ask me any questions, simply email me at [[email protected]] and quote “February Zesty Star Camp”