February Half Term 2022 Sustainable Fashion Camp (8-18yrs)

Come and spend 5 days of practical, hands-on, fun-packed sessions with us! You will learn how to develop your own unique dress sense, become responsible consumers and how to design and make clothes and accessories whilst being mindful of the environment. We are lucky to have the support of leading fashion brands and will experiment with their kindly donated industry waste materials of highest quality. We will dive into the world of mending, altering and thrifting, learn about the life cycle of clothes, become socially conscious influencers and find out about new technologies aimed at reducing the impact of fashion on the environment. Suitable for all levels expect to use the sewing machine, hand-sewing, taking apart garments to create new garments, make trash to treasure with our beautiful waste materials of the highest quality. On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate and become a ‘Sustainable Fashion Ambassador’!

  • Expert design and fashion teachers
  • Join in with the our design completion judged by external experts
  • Become an agent of change
  • Social space to make new friends
  • Good for problem solving; fine motor skills
  • Your friends won’t believe they have made it all themselves!
  • Social Distanced lessons require students to bring their own basic sewing equipment, Hand sewing needles, threads pins, tape measure/ruler, marking tools (pen, pencil or chalk). This means that they are also equipped in the case the course goes online.

Who Is This For?

Children aged 8-18yrs. Complete beginners or advanced.

Dates, Times, Costs…

February Half Term Camp 14th-18th Feb 2022

  • 5 full days, 9am – 4pm = £250.-



London School of Mosaic
Ludham Basement
NW3 2HP, London